Buying Snooker Cue Accessories – Get It Right

Chalk is absolutely essential when it comes to taking great shots. Most professionals chalk their cue after every shot. Chalk is used to create friction between the tip of your cue and the cue ball. This is to prevent a miscue. Chalk costs next to nothing and if you buy in bulk then you often get money off. If your tip was to become damaged then it is quite easy to replace. There are many instruction manuals on how to replace a cue tip but if you take your cue to a local snooker hall they will almost certainly be able to do it there for you. This usually only costs £2 – £5.

Once you learn to do it yourself then you should always have World snooker championship some spare cue tips and a tip shaper. You will also need some glue but if you shop around you can usually get a kit with all these items in it. You can get one of these kits for less than £10 and they will last you a decent length of time. It’s always important to keep your cue in good condition and one thing to remember is that you need a smooth cue action. If your cue became sticky it is likely that you will miscue. It is worth buying a simple cloth that you can use to keep the cue smooth. This costs next to nothing so it is definitely worth buying one.

You should also buy a cue case. This is used to carry around your cue and also protect it from damage. You can get soft leather sleeve like cases or you can also get a solid case. It’s important to buy the right case that is suited to your cue as some cases are designed specifically for certain cues. There is a great variety of cases and you can even get one with your national flag on it! Cue cases vary massively in price. You can get a basic leather sleeve for about £10 and a basic solid case for about £15. However some solid cases are sold for up to £200 and come with diamonds and other decorations.

Extensions are also important and again they will likely be suited to specific cues. Many cues are bought with extensions as part of a package. Extensions are essential for a game of snooker because you just never know when you might need it. When buying an extension separately you may have difficulty finding the correct one so it is advisable to buy a cue that comes with an extension.

In conclusion, if you really want the best from yourself and your cue then it is advisable that you help yourself as much as possible before you even start playing by having all the accessories you may possibly need.


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