Murder in the Rue Dauphine by Greg Herren

There are many misconceptions between westerners and Egyptians approximately the position of women. Quite a few westerners count on that all Egyptian girls have to be veiled down trodden sufferers or burka clad spiritual fans. And many Egyptians view western ladies as immoral and decadent.

Where do these misunderstandings come from,as most Egyptians have little touch with westerners unless they stay in the famous traveller areas in Cairo, Luxor, or the Red sea riviera.

In the west we are continuously bombarded with negative pictures on T.V  인천 호빠 and in newspapers,of the Islamic international, of which Egypt is a component. We see crazed mobs burning flags and burka clad ladies gliding along the streets.

And often Egyptians best view of the west comes from TV stations like MTV and Hollywood films in which girls are continually drinking, smoking, kissing, and are frequently scantily clad. So when those portrayals, are the only impressions the common Egyptian male receives of western girls. He may additionally mistakenly count on that every one western ladies are this way.

Because of these cultural misunderstandings western girls may additionally find they receive a whole lot of undesirable attention in Egypt. So I actually have compiled a list of recommendations and tips to try to lessen the problem you’ll absolutely get on the streets of Egypt.


1 Egyptian guys have fantastic respect for married girls, so continually put on a wedding ring, even if you are unmarried.

2 If you want help or guidelines on the street usually ask a lady. A guy may additionally misread your question as a talk up line.

Three Do not be over pleasant. Remember many men you’ll come upon in Egypt, aren’t used to chatting to ladies out of doors in their own family. So they’ll mistake your harmless feedback as a flirtation.

4 On all public shipping, always try and sit by way of a woman. On the Cairo metro, the first compartment is reserved for women only.

Five Wear sunglasses to avoid direct eye touch with contributors of the alternative sex.

6 Dress even extra modestly in united states areas. Look around. See what different girls are sporting. And follow fit.

7 DO NOT EVER sunbathe topless anywhere in Egypt. It is unlawful. Western swimwear is handiest suitable inside the Red sea motels. ALWAYS get dressed modestly in Mosques and Churches. It is always an amazing concept to carry a shawl for use as a head covering in your bag.

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