Plasma nodulizing metal powder

Powder coatings VOC content is low,Guest Posting easy to clean, overspray paint is recyclable; after production the coating film became significantly no pinholes, changed into normally easier to paintings than the liquid paint, the fashioned coating movie with properly durability. Powder coating is the 1960s commenced to increase a coating new sorts, new technology, has save power and sources, lessen environmental pollutants, easy procedure, clean to automate, lined durable, pollutants-loose, excessive hard work productivity, powder is recyclable and different characteristics.

The last 30 years, as countries more and more strict alliant steel powder for sale environmental protection necessities, the conventional solvent-primarily based coatings improvement turned into confined, powder coatings as environmentally-friendly paint has extensive improvement, however we should also in reality to see that, thus far, powder coating production also accounted for most effective 5% of the whole coating, liquid coating also occupy absolutely the share, as much as ninety five%. In last 10 years, the powder coatings turned into unexpectedly developing, various of recent products, new technologies had been developed, low temperature curing powder coatings, terrific weatherability powder coating, acrylic powder coating, MDF used powder coatings, glass and plastic used powder coating; supercritical generation, metal powder coating technology have been positioned into the bond market.

Powder coatings may be divided into thermoset and thermoplastic classes. Thermosetting powder coating: have top ornament, corrosion resistance and mechanical residences, specifically used in insulation, corrosion and construction and different aspects. Epoxy powder coating: specially used in indoor metal furniture merchandise, vehicle elements and oil and water pipelines. Polyester powder coating: with high gloss, correct leveling and other features, typically used for tool housing, furnishings and other fields. Acrylic powder coating: have thermoplastic and thermosetting two kinds. Thermosetting acrylic resin powder coating has superb climate resistance, coloration retention, stain resistance, and so on., appropriate for decorative powder coatings.

Thermoplastic powder coatings have been especially utilized in mechanical parts, light system and different aspects of the meals enterprise. PVC powder coating: has exquisite solvent resistance. Mainly used for coating metallic mesh panels, metallic furnishings, chemical gadget and so forth. Polyethylene powder coating: has superb anti-corrosion, electrical insulating residences and resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and so forth, the drawback is the mechanical strength now not high, terrible adhesion to the substrate. Can be used for chemical pool, tank, automobile elements and so forth. Nylon powder coating: non-poisonous, tasteless, not mold erosion, suitable for the spraying food enterprise components, ingesting water pipes and food packaging. Fluororesin powder coating: a fluorine-containing polymer may be prepared many extraordinary types of powder coatings, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polychlorotrifluoroethylene, polyvinylidene fluoride and so on. Polytetrafluoroethylene with excessive melting factor, high corrosion resistance, turned into used in oil, sealed and non-stick coating. Polychlorotrifluoroethylene implemented in anti-corrosion gadget of chemical, pesticide manufacturing facility. Polyvinylidene fluoride powder coating first rate in climate resistance, and no dirt absorption, easy to hold authentic luster. Chlorinated polyether powder coating: chlorinated polyether has super chemical stability, mechanical and friction performance is likewise exact. The disadvantage is the negative adhesion with steel. Mainly used in chemical, instrumentation equipment shell and so on.

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