What Are The Best Ways To Track A Viral List Builder Campaign?

In this post I’m going to offer you some excellent suggestions for tracking your viral list building campaign. Viral list building is method of sending the email address to a specified audience whose primary goal is to drive visitors to your site and expand your database. If done properly, this type of list building can increase your database by thousands of people within a short time. If it’s not done correctly, this is likely to be a different traffic strategy you’ve tried and think isn’t working.

The bottom line is that the viral list building process works however, you must keep track of it so that you can eliminate the losers and replicate the winners over and over again utm link builder.

The majority of viral list building business has its internal tracking systems that you can employ, but I like being in charge of my own numbers , so I can make my own adjustments and control my own fate. Here’s what I suggest you take action (which adds to the internal tracker).

Your traffic to a site that is your own, probably an email sign-up page. Create two identical websites to build your list of viral efforts. Each one has a unique feature to allow A/B tests simultaneously. Whichever squeeze page software you decide to use, it’s going to be relatively easy to create duplicate websites.

The second thing you need to create an additional opt-in email list for your viral list-building leads. If, for instance, you’re doing article marketing as well as creating viral lists it is recommended to utilize different opt-in forms to each kind of marketing even if they’re exactly the same. The idea is to differentiate your leads from their source of your leads. This will make it a thousand times easier to monitor your progress. Furthermore, leads from article marketing may prefer an entirely different page to the leads you get from your list builders that are viral.

The next step is to combine all of it using an A/B testing software. There are many options that are available that are available for absolutely free and are excellent. Now that you have everything put together you can monitor your results from within the portal for building viral lists and see which versions of the software work with A/B testing You can also see the conversion rates for both opt-in forms as well as the A/B software, too. It is possible to collect data from three different sources and, when taken together, they should give you the best insight into how your viral list building emails are doing.

When you discover winners, save them, make them available again and repeatedly and even use them other popular websites for list building should you choose to. If you lose, well, you’ll know what to do with the ones that aren’t. In that case, you’ll be aware of how to monitor your campaigns

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